Customer Success Stories

Boeing: Avionics Mission Software

Semantic Designs automated conversion of Boeing's Boldstroke avionics software enables Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to manage video without swamping critical systems, by restructuring the application into a CORBA compatible form using Quality-of-service controls.

Salion: Customized CRMs

SD's CloneDR promotes big savings at Salion by enabling the discovery and refactoring of duplicate code.

Northrop Grumman: B-2 Stealth Bomber Mission Software

Automated conversion of JOVIAL to C (JOVIAL2C Translator) cost-effectively extends mission life of critical B-2 flight software.

Australia-New Zealand Bank: Core Banking Software

Australia-New Zealand Bank is able to understand their COBOL-based Hogan core banking software more effectively using custom, precise code architecture analysis tools from SD.

US Social Security Administration: Social Security Software

SD has supplied the SSA with tools for analyzing the enormous mainframe COBOL code base used by SSA to manage various aspects of the SSA system.

Dow Chemical: Migration of ~1000 Factory Control Software Systems

(Initial 2016) Over the next decade, Dow Chemical is migrating ~1000 legacy process-control systems for Dow factories using tools from Semantic Designs.

These tools automatically extract process control models from low-level MOD5 Dowtran process control programs, enabling Dow to easily forward engineer equivalent applications on modern industrial controllers. The reverse-engineering process relies on SD's unique pattern matching technology that can find many code idioms realizing what amounts to chemical process "business rules", scattered across the application.

This approach preserves Dow's hard-won chemical process "business rules", ensuring that the modernized factories run reliably and safely while lowering the costs of migration significantly.

(Update 2017) Dow has again extended SD's contract to enhance/extend/maintain the Dow migration tools.

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Success Stories